Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Unavailable *wink wink*

Unfortunately, Andronica is unavailable (cleaning) so her wonderful daughter Mariah (that's me!) will be telling you how the day went...

It all started at about 6:10 this morning when my mom came down to wake me up, basically while I rolled over and went back to sleep while my mom dashed back upstairs. Going down the hallway she continued to wake my sisters (Amy and Erica) and turned on the movie, Robin Hood (the cartoon one) for them. Right now they really like Robin Hood, anyways about 20 minutes later I still haven't even tried to get up, but some 2 minutes later I get dressed and all, the fastest I ever had! (so I wouldn't miss the bus) Finally at 7:20-ish we all headed out the door and off to school.

"Hey mom," -That's me talking
"hm?" -That's my mom
"How was your day at work?"
"Busy, I walk a lot"

Continues to clean the first aid box

After school we rushed home, I put on my volleyball gear and we headed over to my 5 hour long practice (which, was pretty good.) My dad then came and got me and we just had to stop at 7-11 (he he) While I was playing, Mom and my sisters went to Win-Co to get food for thanksgiving(yum) :)

This is what real time events are going on at 10:43 p.m :
Our new kitten Annie, and Jenny (my poodle) are running around chasing each other, my dad is on his computer (which has a huge screen!) and looking at some map thing, and my mom is like I said cleaning. Oh yeah! Amy and Erica are of course sleeping. Well that's all for now, thanks for reading.


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