Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mariah is home

It has been a week now since Mariah came home and I think we are getting used to things again. I has been a whirlwind of sleepovers, tweens coming and going and laundry. Now on to bigger news. Tomorrow is Erica's birthday she will be 5 years old. WOW how time goes by I can't believe it. She is very cute, obviously, but so stubborn...hum I wonder where she gets that from. She will begin preschool in the fall and I think it will be great for her. Amy is having a wonderful summer and would live at the river if I let her. We go down there quite often and she is the first in the water when we get there and the last to get out.

On the adult side Eric is loving his new job, how can you blame him when he has a 4 day work week now. Which is nice because I accepted a full-time position with the school district this year and it is also only in session 4 days a week. I am also still coaching on Fridays which I love because I can plan what I would like for the classes. I will also be graduating with my AA and Paraprofessional Certification October 12 this year. Time went by fast I am so glad I went back to school. I was going to continue with my BA right away but, Eric is looking at going back to school for his MA and I think it might be a bit too much with both parents working full-time, both in school and the girls sports and..oh yes Amy and Erica both in Girl Scouts.

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